Audio Bible Resources

Recursos exclusivos & inovadores para um mundo em constante mudança.


We provide God’s audible Word in 1,430 languages and counting.
Listen to and share God’s audible Word for free.


Download our free Bible.is app—God’s pure, audible Word at your fingertips. Easily create and share listening plans, take notes, and encounter the Truth.

Other Digital Media

Wherever you have online access, listen to God’s Word in your language on internet radio or in a podcast.

MP3 Downloader

Freely download and listen to the Bible anywhere from your device. Crystal-clear, multi-voiced audio that speaks to your heart and soul.

Resources for Partners

Partners, we want to help. Looking for resources? Find what you need here.

Gospel Films

Watch and share high-quality films of the complete Gospels in 600+ languages—experience Jesus’ life and ministry like never before.

Retail Store

Whether you’re sharing God’s Word with the nations or next-door neighbors, you can purchase individual Audio Bibles of all sizes here.

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