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"I traveled to Mozambique, where I am involved with a ministry in building an orphanage. The Proclaimer I brought was to be left there (that was my plan). There is a church on the property and they have several weekly Bible studies with people from the surrounding villages, so it made sense to leave the Proclaimer with them. But that was not what the Lord wanted. A ministry team was sent to . . ."

"Palavras não podem explicar as expressões que eu vi em seus rostos."

What a blessing for me to have the opportunity to give these people the Word of God in their own language so they can share it with the people of their village!”

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Superando as trevas Espirituais

"The Proclaimers were an incredible blessing to people in the mountain villages of Haiti! Pastor David had selected a few men from his ministry to receive them. It was such a blessing to see the awe and joy on their faces as they heard the Word in their own language, Haitian Creole. My favorite story was about Mathieu, a 16-year-old boy who had been caring for his mother and 4 siblings since . . ."

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"Aqueles que ainda não ouviram"

Audio Bibles are blessing many people in one Middle Eastern nation. Through the dedicated work of ministry partners and missionaries, local pastors across the country are being equipped with Proclaimers, Mini Proclaimers, and BibleSticks to reach out to their communities with the hope of Jesus Christ. One pastor and partner who works as an evangelist and church planter in rural villages shared . . .

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“Palavras profundas e impressionantes!”

"I feel so lost; I'm desperate to know what I need to do with my life. I'm eager to know more about Christianity and I'd love to acquire a Bible. I'm looking for inner peace, but I feel overwhelmed with confusion. My family and community are [of another faith]. They won't answer my questions. How do I get the Bible where bookstores won't even carry it?" This heartbreaking cry for help came to us through . . .

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